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Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine Tractor for Removing the Upper Layers

Guys in this article we will see an Amazing Modern Agriculture Machine Tractor which is used for the removal of the upper layers without harming the plants. This machine have movable wheels at some angles which have spikes for removing the soils from one place to other places. 

In this machine, we are not applying any power except supplying the power to the tractors. The special thing about this machine is we do not need a kind of tractors for moving these machines also we can use any type of automobiles but for fieldwork we needed tractors. Take a close look at the machine blades.  

As you can see these blades are sharp and have many tight spikes at some distance such that there is no harm to these plants. There is one more thing at the center of these machines one more blade which s different in angle to other blades. 

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